Cutting & Finishing Rates

ePlastics® has a warehouse stocked with state of the art computer-aided machining equipment designed specifically for plastic fabrication to ensure that your parts are fulfilled on-time and to your exact specifications.

We have the ability to fabricate everything we sell. That includes cutting, drilling, routing, sanding, polishing, gluing, assembling, and just about anything else you can think of related to fabricating plastic.

Did you know that you can save on Shipping Charges by having us cut the material to size? It’s true. By cutting the sheet down to your final size, it allows us to ship a smaller size package which cost less to ship! We’d be happy to review your prints – whether it’s for 10, 1000, or 10,000 pcs. Our minimum cutting charge is $18 for up to 9 cuts. Need more cuts? We try to keep it simple to calculate for you – just count the cuts and match to a cutting charge. Examples of edge finishes on Plexiglass and other plastics. Click on pictures to see close-up.

Edge Finish definitions: Sawcut – straight off the saws. We use triple-tooth plastic cutting blades for chip-free edges. Milled – we run the edge through a specialized joiner to mill 0.030″ off the sawcut edge. Sometimes called “satin edge” this is smooth and perfect for solvent bonding or as a finished edge. Beveled Edge – there are 2 types: full beveled and half beveled. Roundover Edge – a smooth curved edge stopping halfway down the edge. Bullnose Edge – best described as a roundover of the top and bottom edges. Milled and Buffed Edge – we flame polish the milled edge – this is the standard in polished edges up to 1/2″ thick Plexiglass. Not recommended if silk screening on the material later. Sanded and Buffed Edge – we hand/machine sand the edge to 600 grit then machine buff the edge. The edge is crystal clear and will not “craze” later.

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