Plexiglass Circle Charges

ePlastics® offers Plexiglass circle cutting from Plexiglas sheet either from exact dimensions or templates (where patio table is not a perfect circle).

We charge by the number of circles and by how thick the material is. The EDGE will be a SATIN finish from all of these processes.

Circle cutting is done in 3 basic methods:

1. From a template in our stock – we have a large selection of existing circles that we use for power routing out your circle.

2. CNC machine out your circle – for multiple small circles, or for thicker 1/2″ and up, we’ll use our CNC machinery to cut a perfect circle for you – up to 60″ in diameter.

3. From your template – we use a band saw to trim the circle to size, then power sand to match the exact template. Keep in mind, we guarantee we’ll match your template – and the resulting circle will fit only if your template is accurate.