Clear Cast Tube/Pipe

Cast plexiglass acrylic tubing can be used in a wide variety of applications, including industrial goods, scientific equipment,
structural supports, pet cages, candy dispensers, storage containers, jewelry, childrens toys, and many more. ePlastics® offers
plexiglass acrylic tube in many different sizes. When reading below, OD = outside diameter and ID = inside diameter.


Here’s the information you need to decide whether CAST or EXTRUDED acrylic tube/rod is correct for your application.

1st – all plastics made by “casting” will always have less built in stress – so the molecular weight will be
higher and it will machine better, handle pressure/vacuum better, as well as more resistant to heat and certain chemicals.
If you are planning on doing any drilling/tapping or machining you will find that the cast tubing product excels. Otherwise,
the extruded acrylic tubing is fine and typically less costly. We do not have pressure ratings available for either product –
best to test and review your results.

2nd – a cast material is poured in place into a mold. Extruded is squeezed out of a machine.
There are light extrusion lines in a clear material – and that is the most obvious difference
between the two. The larger the diameter, the more obvious the extrusion lines. In the picture,
we picked a large 10″ diameter pair of tubes. The cast material is CLEARLY the winner. But that doesn’t mean the extruded is bad. Depends on your application.

3rd – cast acrylic rod and tube is then polished after removal from the mold –
a labor intensive process which adds to its cost. Optical clarity is excellent in cast tubing, and very good in extruded tubing below 10″.

4th – larger list of sizes available in cast acrylic tube – we can mix and match molds to offer a wide range of wall thicknesses.

Clear cast acrylic tubing is stocked in sizes from 70mm OD up to 310mm OD with
various inside diameters and lengths up to 24″ long. Lengths over 24″ require
two or more tubes to be bonded together. We stock wall thickness of 3mm, 4mm and 5mm,

Plexiglass cast acrylic tubing is more expensive than extruded plexiglass tubing due to the way it is
manufactured and the labor involved in producing and polishing the material. The difference is truly amazing and
required for any high stress or pressurized environments.

The clarity of a cast plexiglass tube mimics that of glass since it is cast in a mold,
then polished inside and out. Cast tubing is significantly stronger and more chemical resistant
than extruded tubing and recommended for all lab applications and whenever fabricating the material.

Plexiglass cast acrylic tube is sold and priced by the foot.