Clear Extruded Tube/Pipe

Acrylic Tube – Clear Plastic Piping – Clear Extruded Plexiglasss Acrylic Tubing 5mm OD up to 100mm OD. Sold in 2mtr sections.

Clear plexiglass extruded tubing and cylinders sold by ePlastics is the finest in India.
Our molds are new and extrusion lines are kept to a minimum – even on the largest sizes.

Colored Extruded Acrylic Tubing in various sizes and colors.

There are special diameters of white plexiglass tubing for lighting applications – please call.

We can cut to length 1 or 10,000 pc. (but you must buy a minimum of 2mtr). Please call for more info: +91 7357 456789.

Please note – Standard length of extruded plexiglass acrylic TUBING is 2mtr. It is sold in 2mtr increments.
Pricing is PER 2 MTR PIECE. We will cut down to any length that you need. Please add this information in the cutting box.