Transparent Plexiglass Colors

Transparent acrylic is a versatile plastic material that has great impact strength while maintaining its light weight. Transparent colors offer light transmission through the material enabling it to act as a colored or tinted window. This acrylic (also known as transparent plexiglass) is very easy to work with for projects that require fabrication.

The ePlastics® online store offers up a wide array of transparent colored plexiglass sheets. Standard tinted colors include bronze and gray solar control shades, red, green, yellow, amber, and blue. Transparent colored acrylic is tinted, meaning you can see completely through like sunglasses or tinted windows in automobiles. If you are not sure which color to use in your application, you can compare the differences with our

We cut to size all acrylic sheets we sell, which saves on shipping costs since it offers a more economical means of packaging. The chart below shows standard sizing increments and conversions for acrylic sheets.

1/8″ = .118″ = 3mm 3/8″ = .354″ = 9mm 1″ = .944″ = 24mm
3/16″ = .177″ = 4.5mm 1/2″ = .472″ = 12mm
1/4″ = .236″ = 6mm 3/4″ = .708″ = 18mm

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