Crystal Clear Plexiglass

The ePlastics® online store offers a wide variety of clear plexiglass acrylic sheets in all standard increments. We stock up to 4″ thick sheets to handle most applications, and can special order thicker sheets when you need them.

Our acrylic sheets are more impact resistant and half the weight of glass, making them ideal for household remodeling/renovations & protecting expensive surfaces. They also meet the requirements of Glazing materials designed to promote safety and to reduce or minimize the likelihood of cutting and piercing injuries when the glazing materials are broken by human contact.

We cut to size all acrylic sheets we sell, which saves on shipping costs since it offers a more economical means of packaging.

Thickness tolerances are +/- 10% on acrylic sheets and can vary throughout the sheet. Normally we see variations less than 5%. Sheets sizes can vary from the manufacturer and some are cut from larger sheets. Because of this, the sheet dimensions that are delivered are nominal and might be +/- saw cut.

1/8″ = .118″ = 3mm 3/8″ = .354″ = 9mm 1″ = .944″ = 24mm
3/16″ = .177″ = 4.5mm 1/2″ = .472″ = 12mm
1/4″ = .236″ = 6mm 3/4″ = .708″ = 18mm
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General Acrylic clarification:

a) The scientific name for Acrylic is Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) and it is most often used as a shatter-resistent or lightweight alternative for glass
b) Plexiglass is one of the most common plastics on the market today
c) You can get plexiglass in many different colors, shades, finishes, and sizes