Fluorescent & Exotic Plexiglass

ePlastics® offers a variety of styles of fluorescent plexiglass sheets including standard, edge lit, edge colors, frosted surfaces and more.

We cut to size all acrylic sheets we sell, which saves on shipping costs since it offers a more economical means of packaging. To order, select the sheet that you want, enter a detailed cutting description into the textbox above the Cutting Instructions (if you need your order cut), and then select the button with the number of cuts you need. It’s that simple!

Thickness tolerances are +/- 10% on acrylic sheets and can vary throughout the sheet. Normally we see variations less than 5%. Sheets sizes can vary from the manufacturer and some are cut from larger sheets. Because of this, the sheet dimensions are nominal and might be +/- saw cut. Call 1-800-474-3688 if you have any questions before placing your order.

1/8″ = .118″ = 3mm 1/2″ = .472″ = 12mm
3/16″ = .177″ = 4.5mm 3/4″ = .708″ = 18mm
1/4″ = .236″ = 6mm 1″ = .944″ = 24mm
3/8″ = .354″ = 9mm