Acetal Delrin

Acetal resins (polyoxymethylene or POM) are engineering thermoplastics based on formaldehyde polymerization technology. Acetal resins have high tensile strength, stiffness, resilience, fatigue endurance, a low coefficient of friction against metals, acetals and other plastics and moderate toughness. The Acetal sheet offered at ePlastics® has high resistance to organic solvents, excellent dimensional stability, a low coefficient of friction and outstanding abrasion resistance among thermoplastics.

ePlastics® offers Acetal Delrin in black and natural colors and carries the material in the warehouse for fast shipping. Natural and black Acetal rods are also available here.

Acetals’ resistance to creep is excellent. Moisture, lubricants and solvents including gasoline and gasohol have little effect on this property, which is important in parts incorporating self-threading screws or interference fits. Good electrical properties qualify these materials for electrical applications requiring long-term stability. Acetal copolymers retain much of their toughness through a broad temperature range and are among the most creepresistant of the crystalline thermoplastics. A low moisture absorption characteristic permits molded parts to serve reliably in environments involving humidity variations.

Excellent dimensional stability
Continuous use temperature of 180°F
Porosity free
Consistent properties in wet or moist environments
Very low moisture absorption
Excellent electrical properties
Easy to machine to close tolerances
Natural and Black are FDA & USDA compliant
Bushings and bearings
Rollers and gears
Valves and manifolds
Scraper blades
Wear strips and pads
Jigs and fixtures
Electrical components
Parts which operate in water between 60 to 90C
More applications here.
ASTM POM 0211, D6778
FDA21 CFR 177.2470
USDA compliant
ASTM POM 211, D 6100

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