ABS Textured

ePlastics® stocks and sells ABS plastic sheet in 0.060″ to 0.250″ thicknesses that are textured on one side for general purpose uses.

General purpose ABS plastic is a rigid thermoplastic with a combination of properties that make it ideal for the widest range of applications. Our ABS plastic has a standard “haircell” finish as can be seen in the images.


Outstanding formability
Very high impact strength
High tensile strength and stiffness
Excellent high and low temperature performance
Resistant to many chemicals and plasticizers
Excellent ductility
Lends itself to dielectric welding


Standard size for UPS shipment of ABS Plastic is 24″ x 48″. Full 48″ x 96″ ABS Plastic sheets are also in stock and will be shipped on a freight delivery truck. Cutting to your size can save on shipping costs.
Actual Sheet Size is approx. 24″ x 48″. Due to saw cut, width may be 23.75″ to 24″+ wide, and length may be 47.75″ to 48″+ wide.
Note: ABS Plastic in Engineering grade is also available. Please call for availability or special order.
We also CNC to your CAD drawing, cut to size to +-.005 tolerance, and sell full sheets in large-quantities to meet your needs.
This material is also available thinner and thicker as well as in rod and tube, which are stocked in smaller quantities and more widely available by special order.
ABS Plastic is also referred to as Absylux, Acrylonitrile, Butadine, Styrene, and Royalite.
For larger sheet sizes of ABS Plastic sheet, custom cutting, or larger quantities, custom run-to-size shipments, please call our sales department.

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