Straight Cuts Charge

Pick from a list of standard cutting services.

Did you know that you can save on Shipping Charges by having us cut the material to size? It’s true. By cutting the sheet down to your final size, it allows us to ship a smaller size package which cost less to ship!

Our minimum cutting charge is 180 rs for up to 9 cuts. Need more cuts? We try to keep it simple to calculate for you – just count the cuts and match to a cutting charge.

Our cutting tolerances are +-0.8mm and we can hold tolerances to +-0.1mm by request for additional setup fees.

We will cut to the exact sizes you request – chip free, straight and squared. Please remember that the saw blade also uses material. Please allow for 1/4″ when figuring out the yield.

Allowing for Saw Cut: if the sheet width is 48 inches and you ask for three pieces at 16″ wide, the only way to accomplish this is by cutting the pieces at 15 7/8″ wide where we split the blade width when cutting. Please note in the cutting instructions box when this situation exists. Our normal tolerances on the finished pieces are +- 0.1mm or 1/32″. We’ll call you before cutting if we have any questions as to your instructions.