Plexiglass Drilling Charges

ePlastics® offers drilling into plexiglass sheet from both exact dimensions and visual templates.

We charge by the diameter of each hole. Some of our special order material has an additional charge for cutting; if yours applies we will contact you before drilling the plastic. The interior finish of drilled holes will be a SATIN finish. These holes are made in our cutting department and the rates do not apply to use of the CNC. If you are looking for CNC drilled holes, please email [email protected] for a quote.

Keep in mind that it is very easy to crack or chip plexiglass (acrylic plastic) using a standard metal bit.

We do not normally countersink or counter bore holes in plexiglass (although we do in most other materials). Mechanical fasteners used with plexiglass should not use countersinking as a general rule. Since plexiglass expands and contracts far more than comparable materials, a pan head screw with a finishing washer is the ideal fastener. Remember, hand tighten then back off a quarter turn to let the material move.