Plexiglass Shape Cutting Charges

ePlastics® offers Plexiglass shape cutting from Plexiglas sheet either from exact dimensions or templates. If you need a circle, please see the Plexiglass Circle Charges link. We have been cutting crazy shapes for years. So we know how long it takes, and what we need to cut your piece accurately Download the Shapes.pdf to your computer. Open up this PDF of shapes to match your shape to our chart. Once you have done that, you can select from the list of shapes, the size we start with, and then the thickness of the material we are cutting. We base our labor charge on the general size of the shape, the complexity, and the thickness. With most straight line shapes, there is at least 1 corner that is “square” or is 90 degrees. You need to identify that clearly in any drawing you send in. With Triangles, each corner has an angle measured in degrees – with the sum of the 3 corners equaling 180 degrees. With Free Form shapes, you need a template made from butcher paper(thick paper) OR a DXF/DWG computer drawing. You can send a JPG or BMP for review, but we cannot cut from that. Lastly – the charges are based on general materials that cut easily – Plexiglas acrylic, Lexan polycarbonate, PETG, HDPE, UHMW. Shapes from G10, FRP, and other thermosets will cost more.