Machine Grade polycarbonate rod is a semi-transparent thermoplastic that exhibits extraordinary impact resistance and excellent electrical properties. In addition, its low moisture absorption rate and good chemical resistance make it an extremely versatile engineering material and allows for its use in a multitude of industrial applications.

Machine Grade polycarbonate rod has excellent dimensional stability and good strength and stiffness over a wide range of temperatures. Polycarbonate offers very high impact strength, high modulus of elasticity and a 270ºF (132ºC) heat deflection temperature at 264 psi.

Polycarbonate rod stock features:
Continuous use temperature of 250ºF with very high toughness to -20ºF properties
Easy to machine to close tolerances
High impact strength and intrinsically flame retardant
Good electrical insulation
High mechanical retention at elevated temperatures
UV-stabilized and meets the requirements of ASTM D3935 PC0136.
Mechanical grade material with light transmittance of approximately 88%
Certified and listed with Underwriters Laboratories under UL94 HB for flammability in thicknesses above 3mm/6mm